Can I Get a Dental X-Ray if I Am Pregnant?

A pregnant mom worries more about her unborn child than herself. Everything that she does if first met with concerns over the safety for the baby. That is why most expectant moms fear dental X-rays. But, is there reason to fear a dental X-Ray?

The concern over dental x-rays comes because traditional x-rays are not recommended during pregnancy. Radiation can reach the baby and result in numerous side effects that affect the child for the remainder of their lives.

Dental X-rays are not as dangerous as a traditional X-ray. In fact, dentists no longer wear the radiation aprons they did at one time when performing dental X-rays. This is because the dental X-ray contains very low amounts of radiation that will not affect the unborn baby.

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In some cases, the dental X-ray the dentist needs focuses on the pelvis area. In such a case, it is not recommended that you receive the X-ray until the baby is born since this may create a risk. The dentist will discuss this with you during the initial consultation.

If you think that you are pregnant but this has yet to be confirmed, go ahead and let the dentist know. Although the risk is small, it is nonetheless important that he know that you could be pregnant to help minimize any potential risks.

The safety of the patient is of utmost importance to any dentist. That means protecting the unborn baby, too. Rest assured the dentist will perform only safe procedures when you visit.

Want more information about dental x-rays? Talk to your dentist to learn more about the importance and the safety of a dental x ray woodbridge during pregnancy. No one can put your mind at ease better than the dentist!